Guangzhou wholesale markets, the ultimate guide

Guangzhou is famous for its wholesale markets. It serves as a product distribution center for southern China, and attracts business people from all over the world. The city has hundreds of wholesale markets and the suppliers in these markets sell their goods in large and small quantities, and usually with fast delivery. No other city in China has as many and diversified wholesale markets as Guangzhou.

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When visiting the markets, we recommend that you bring an interpreter. In most of the markets, the English skills (or other languages for that matter) is quite poor, although you can do some basic inquiries without help. We can provide you with interpreters who know the markets well and have specialized in this area. It's a good investment, and will save you time and trouble. Click here for an interpreter.

Maps of Guangzhou

We have maps of wholesale markets, shopping areas, tourist attractions and hotels. You can merge them together to find out which wholesale markets are close to your hotel, or where you could combine some shopping and sightseeing. Although our maps are mostly for wholesale markets, there are also some hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.

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Purchasing agents in Guangzhou

To help you with your purchasing and shipping, you can rely on our experienced staff. We are experts in the wholesale markets, and we will help you find the goods you're looking efficiently. We can also arrange all export procedures, do your inspection, and combine goods from multiple suppliers into one shipment. Basically, everything you need to make your purchases from China smooth. For any product you're looking for from China, feel free to contact us, at info(at)


Popular wholesale markets

Zhongda fabric market

The largest fabrics market in China, and probably the world. A must visit for fabric buyers.

One link plaza

Gift items, toys and accessories in abundance. One link plaza is a popular destination for all tourists in Guangzhou.

Bai ma clothing market

The best known clothing market in Guangzhou, near the railway station. Good quality.


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